Design-Manufacture Utility System

Deline Group We are a company that designs and manufactures complete Utility System and can produce Any size and many systems, whether Processing, Tank-fabrication, Deline Group’s engineers are happy to give advice. Including providing design and installation services until the job is completed. and by having its own production factory Customers can rest assured that in addition to the quality of the product being good, The price will definitely remain friendly to customers.

Why use our service?

We have our own production factory.

To support large and large amounts of system work. as required and prices that are friendly to customers

We have very experienced design engineers.

You can be confident that our products will be designed for your work according to engineering principles.

We provide installation services for the entire system.

In addition to individual piece production work, we can also provide system installation services for you as a complete project.


We have gained the trust of customers in both the public and private sectors and many leading organizations.

This is only part of our customers.