We are leading industrial contractors offering turnkey solutions for concept, design, fabricate, install, commission and service of all types of utility and piping systems for our customers. The integrated piping systems are primarily used for the transfer of process fluids and product transfer including both liquids and gases. Our expertise in accomplishing installation of piping components turns out very useful in producing efficient and practical designs for fluid transfer.

Our team of welders and pipefitters are highly experienced who are trained to carry out intricate piping jobs with ease and professionalism. We also utilize automated cutting and welding equipment to deliver the highest quality product at the most efficient cost. In terms of concept and designing, we carefully access the layout and customer 


requirements to meet the objective in the most feasible and productive fashion. The use of assembly components, valves, sensors and fittings are carefully configured to provide maximum efficiency during operation.


Food, dairy & beverage industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Cosmetic industry

Chemical & paint industry

Cosmetic & Aerosol industry

Textile industry

Ammonia refrigeration

General manufacturing

Paper industry

Potable water treatment

Wastewater treatment