Made to order

In addition to standard machines and services Deline also has the expertise for engineering and manufacturing of custom machines for our clients. We can provide solutions whenever a customer is confronted with a particular application for which there is no standard machine available in the market. The made to order equipment are adapted to work under special constraints or configured for integration with advanced technologies for seamless processing.


Good Manufacturing Practices are incorporated in the design and operation of the machines with embedded hardware’s to conform to the standards of intended use. A quality follow-up in design and production is implemented to demonstrate the perfect match of the machine with the URS (User Requirements Specifications). The complete process from concept design to execution is well documented allowing the client to review each stage of the process for assessment. We assure that our custom machinery will meet and exceed all the demands of project requirement. The scale of customization can range from individual units up to complete automation of production lines.


Food, dairy & beverage industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Chemical & paint industry

Cosmetic & Aerosol industry