Deline Engineering Co., Ltd. is capable of providing engineering services. Industrial machinery Conveyor systems in the food industry And in all industries. The automatic control system. And semi automatic The company offers experienced engineers and experienced technicians, experienced technicians and technicians. Available to customers. This will make the product come out of quality, aesthetics, engineering accuracy. And at a reasonable price.


1. Design and manufacture of machinery. According to customer requirements
2. Manufacture Jig Fixture (work clamping device)
3. Manufacture of molds, resin printing, printing, casting, printing,
molding and parts.
4. Improve machinery. To be more efficient, repaired,
Converter (special order machine)

1. We design and manufacture machines. With a dedicated Japanese team. With a long experience. In the automotive industry
2. We import modern machinery from Japan. We are confident in the quality and standard of production.
3. We pay attention to the production of machinery every step. To be thorough and meet the needs of the customer as much as possible.